SPR Mindset is need of the hour to fight current Pandemic

As we are witnessing the second wave of COVID 19 from the last 2 months, it is very natural for people feeling stressed, Chaotic and leading life with fear. There are multiple factors that contribute mentioned the state of mind, we have no choice other than to face with courage and a positive mindset.

In the current scenarios lot of people around focusing on the negative propaganda from various media houses and social media, which leads to fear among the masses, at the same time we should give positive thought and use our intelligence to know correct picture and situation. I am not saying that ignore the media houses reports and analysis. They are essential for our preparation to fight these tough time . We should criticize the government and administration for not having adequate infrastructure. Trust me, the solution to build infrastructure will take more time. But the need of the hour faces current scenarios with mindset till our nation fully vaccinated. Then we as a citizen , NGO, Leaders can contribute towards building infrastructure/improvising health care system at the best of capacity.

SPR Mindest?

S- Self Discipline

P – Positive self-talk/ Psychology

R- Resilience

If we develop these mindsets certainly we can face situations in a better way.

Self-Discipline - There is a famous saying is that “Self Discipline is the best Discipline”. I truly believe it is 100 Percent applicable to all spheres of life. If we follow the health measures, diet measures, social distancing measures strictly we would be successful in breaking the COVID 2nd wave chain. Ever before self-discipline needed to break the chain of infection spread. I know it is might be difficult for many folks, but if we follow for the next 3-4 months we can avoid the loss of human lives including near and dear ones.

Some of the Self Discipline Steps we can take immediately

· Having a healthy and balanced diet every day

· At least 20 minutes of physical activity every day

· Maintain social distancing even if no one observing.

· Going out only if necessary

· If possible take simple water steams 5 mins per day

Positive Psychology/Self-talk- A normal human mind always attracted to negative things knowingly or unknowingly, the same happens in the conscious/subconscious state of mind. Nowadays we have a number of media houses, for TRP they used to spread negativity, Same happens in the Social media house. By so our mind is full of negativity, by laws of attraction we are attracted to negative, negatives are bound to happen. We can practice below positive psychology steps

· Social connection: Keep your physical distance, but stay connected

· Have gratitude: Appreciate the little and big things

· Be kind to yourself: Practice self-compassion

· Do positive self talk twice a day

Resilience – It is Normal to have stress and necessary up to some extent if some level of stress can be used effectively to build resilience in personal life. People that are resilient, know how to manage stress effectively to optimize performance, engagement, and focus. And most importantly, resilient people also allow themselves time to rest. Below are some of the steps that can be taken immediately

· Focus on Priorities and Purpose

· Create some joviality

· Stay in the Present

· Think Effectively

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