Building Agile mindset within the team

Updated: Mar 17

In the Agile world of Software development, there are major roles in a team Product owner (Stakeholder), Scrum Master(facilitator), and Engineering/development team. In my view success of the Agile transformation majorly depends upon the development team’s high-performing/Agile mindset. I do not mean Scrum master or Product has no role in the success of Agile transformation. Scrum Master and Product owner have the role of ensuring process and guidelines being followed and encourage /provide the environment for high performing team /agile mindset consciously unconsciously.

An agile mindset is the set of attitudes promoting an agile working environment. These include respect, collaboration, learning cycles, pride in ownership, focus on delivering value, and the ability to adapt to change.

  • Respect – Respect to fellow teammates and stakeholders across the organization is needed. Respecting time, Cultural diversity has become a need of the hour all the MNC origination.

  • Collaboration – In today's highly digital age, most of the systems highly complex, an individual may not give the optimum decision, it has to come through the team of specialties, so collaboration has also needed almost everywhere. Collaboration with respect can be a killer combination

  • Improvement Cycle - No process /Products can withstand longer in this VUCA world. There is always room for improvement. An organization/ team supporting such behavior would have a light hold on procedure stubbornness.

  • Learning Cycle - Allowing individuals to try something new, and yes, possibly fail, allows the staff to learn and improve themselves. Individuals should not be dinged for mistakes, but rather supported for taking risks and increasing the group’s knowledge.

  • Pride in Ownership - Even if no one person owns a particular piece of code, pride in what is delivered increases the desire to deliver high-quality work.

  • Focus on Delivering Value - The main point of an agile team is to deliver value to the customer. The team should be able to focus on what is of greatest value at the time and deliver with the knowledge that others in the organization (managers and scrum masters, for example) are there to help remove any impediments.

  • Ability to Adapt to Change - If the customer calls two hours after a meeting, and wants changes, the organization rolls with it. Any process to manage this change can’t impede the change.

INSPECT & ADAPT is the key to the Agile mindset

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